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Regular listeners to this ham radio podcast will recall the intriguing story about Russell Hutchinson, Radio Boy, the American P-O-W who virtually risked his life to construct and listen to an AM radio so he could help maintain the morale of the other 1,600 captives in a World War II Japanese pow camp in the Philippines. Well while Hutch was seripticiously catching war updates broadcast by KGEI radio from San Francisco, the French Resistance and a number of other civilians on the other side of the world were keeping tabs on German military inteligence and movements , then transmitting coded data back to the Allies at great personal risk. Tom Perera PH.D./W1TP, An authority on these clandestine radio operations, spoke at the 2015 Hamvention about the clandestine WW2 "spy" radio operations in general. Here's part 1 of that presentation. (P1 16M) Before we go we need to say "good-bye" to an old friend and former RAIN reader and now silent key, Duane Whittingham/N9SSN. Duane had been battling kidney-related issues the last few years; he was in his 40s. Duane's niece, Ashley, has set up a GoFundMe to raise money to have him buried in Lowell, Indiana along side his mother and grandmother. The Duane GoFundMe web address will be found on the Sites Mentioned page on Farewell, old friend. If you're headed to the Dayton Hamvention in a couple weeks, be sure to drop by booth 329 and say "hello" to the Radio Amateur Information Network and the Gateway 160-Meter Radio Newsletter. The RAIN Report needs your help; see the bottom of the front page on for details. The RAIN Report is available on demand from; (Twitter) @therainreport; and via iTunes. Transmission of the RAIN Report is permitted under a Community Commons license. It is to be transmitted in its entirety.

"The RAIN Report is in need of a new computer for production work. Hap Holly/KC9RP, RAIN's Founder & Producer, has been using his own Windows box and JAWS talking screen reader since RAIN went digital in 2003. Among other things his computer needs its 2 aging 500 GB internal hard drives replaced.

The RAIN Report operates on an annual budget of$1,250, which includes more than $500.00 of expenses resulting from transportation, lodging and food related to the Dayton Hamvention. Well over 50% of RAIN programming is excerpted from Hamvention forums that Hap records in all four rooms with the approval of the Dayton Amateur Radio Assoc. The remaining $700.00 results from charges incurred by Internet and web-hosting services, computer maintenance and updates. No one connected with the Radio Amateur Information Network or the RAIN Report receives compensation from or for his/her efforts, and that includes Hap Holly/KC9RP, who spends on the average of 5 hours aweek in the production of the RAIN Report and the distribution of it. Now in the spirit of full disclosure: Only DARA, (the Dayton Amateur Radio AssOC.) And NSRC (the North Shore Radio Club of IL.) make annual donations to RAIN. Having said that, RAIN is not a tax deductible or tax exempt organization. All donors will be acknowledged both here and on the RAIN Report unless otherwise instructed not to. Hope you can help.
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