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Are you involved with a VHF or UHF net that meets the same time…the same day every week…and has the same predictable format of check-ins, hamfest calendar and (if you’re still awake) maybe some club news? What about ham radio programming, i.e. these RAIN Reports or the Amateur Radio Newsline? This is a challenge to make VHF&UHF informational nets more interesting. We’re going to assume a few of you are sick and REAL tired of the same sh’tuff every net night. OK, so you want to run some AUDIO HAM RADIO CONTENT. “Simple” you say? Just hold your handheld microphone up to your computer speaker while you play back 10 or 15 minutes-of unintelligible audio, hoping your rig doesn’t puke in the process. If you’re going to provide a service to your net listeners, then DO IT RIGHT! One guy who does is Mark Klocksin/WA9IVH, Net Director for Chicago’s North Shore Radio Club (NS9RC) 440 repeater. Hap Holly/KC9RP skyped Mark for some of those do's&don'ts. (2016 20M)

"The RAIN Report is in need of a new computer for production work. Hap Holly/KC9RP, RAIN's Founder & Producer, has been using his own Windows box and JAWS talking screen reader since RAIN went digital in 2003. Among other things his computer needs its 2 aging 500 GB internal hard drives replaced.

The RAIN Report operates on an annual budget of$1,250, which includes more than $500.00 of expenses resulting from transportation, lodging and food related to the Dayton Hamvention. Well over 50% of RAIN programming is excerpted from Hamvention forums that Hap records in all four rooms with the approval of the Dayton Amateur Radio Assoc. The remaining $700.00 results from charges incurred by Internet and web-hosting services, computer maintenance and updates. No one connected with the Radio Amateur Information Network or the RAIN Report receives compensation from or for his/her efforts, and that includes Hap Holly/KC9RP, who spends on the average of 5 hours aweek in the production of the RAIN Report and the distribution of it. Now in the spirit of full disclosure: Only DARA, (the Dayton Amateur Radio AssOC.) And NSRC (the North Shore Radio Club of IL.) make annual donations to RAIN. Having said that, RAIN is not a tax deductible or tax exempt organization. All donors will be acknowledged both here and on the RAIN Report unless otherwise instructed not to. Hope you can help.
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